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Best Social Media Platform For Landscapers

Social media is without a doubt an extremely important part of digital marketing for landscapers. However, there are many, many different social media platforms out there, and it can be hard to decide which ones are the most effective and best to use.

Ultimately, landscaping is a predominantly visual art. You want to be using a social media platform which allows you to showcase your work using pictures and videos, and which delivers these to your followers fast and efficiently. Although a Facebook page is essential for your business, Instagram offers an easier way to share visual content.

What are the benefits of using Instagram for my landscaping business?

The benefits of using Instagram are numerous. You will be able to engage with more people, you will be able to build a large client base and you will be able to complete your weekly social media marketing tasks quickly and efficiently. Some of the other benefits of using Instagram to showcase your landscaping work include:

  • A huge percentage of the world’s population now uses Instagram. The number people using the platform recently passed one billion, which means that there’s huge potential to find new clients by using it.
  • Instagram lets you share photos and videos quickly and efficiently without having to worry about spending time creating written content.
  • Ultimately, people are more likely to react to visual content than to written content anyway, which makes it more important than ever to use a platform like Instagram to showcase your landscaping work.

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