Social Media Marketing

Ecommerce entrepreneurs have this great resource, the Internet and social media marketing, native to their business, and then 95% of them fail to harness its full potential. You have to face the facts: If you do business online, then you are a marketer first and foremost, regardless if you’re selling hand-crocheted rugby jerseys or splash-guards for dog-bathers. Marketing online is a full-time job all by itself. Here’s some fresh inspiration when you get burnt out on it:

  • 1. Link fluidly between social media accounts. Your Twitter should mention your business web address, and either your company’s Facebook or Google+ page. Your Tumblr blog should link to your Pinterest blog. Your website should have links out to all of the above for the best social media marketing strategy.
  • 2. Sponsor a simple contest involving social media. For instance, drawing your logo or company mascot on DeviantArt, composing the funniest meme image related to your business to post on Tumblr, or run an online scavenger hunt. Simple little exercises with a free product as a prize (and why not your company Tshirt?) will be fun and get customers involved, at the same time, easy social media marketing and getting some publicity for your business.

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WordPress For Beginners

Design flexibility is a major consideration when it comes to choosing a website builder and/or content management system (CMS). Providers like Wix and Weebly offer decent customizability, but WordPress remains the builder of choice for a lot of developers.

Ultimately, this is because WordPress is one of the only open source, fully customizable CMS. As an open source program, it gives you access to every single part of your website’s front and back end. You will also own your code and every file you need to export your site and upload it to a new server. But, how much design flexibility does WordPress offer for beginners who don’t have a lot of coding experience?

Can I Customise My WordPress Website If I Can’t Code?
Although some coding and web development skills will help you customize your website fully, it’s more than possible to create an attractive site without any experience whatsoever. Most WordPress themes can be changed without having to access your site’s code. You won’t be able to place things exactly where you want with the average theme, but there are a couple of great options available.

If you want to access a fully customizable theme then you should have a look at a few drag-and-drop builders. Something like Divi, Beaver Builder, or Elementor are great choices. Let’s have a close look at them.

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Business Taxes

A lot of business owners fall into the trap of believing that taxes and taxation rules are the sole field of accountant. They aren’t. In fact, a decent commercial lawyer who specialises in taxation law can be a major asset to your business – if you use them right.

In this article I’m going to have a quick look at a few of the things that an experienced commercial lawyer will be able to help you with when it comes to managing your business taxes. This isn’t financial or legal advice, but it should help guide you when it comes to employing a new lawyer.

The top 5 ways a commercial lawyer can help you organise your business taxes include:

  • They Can Help You Structure Your Business

An experienced commercial law team will be able to help you structure your business in the most tax favourable manner. There are a lot of things that you can do to minimise the amount of tax you have to pay and maximise your profit, but it can be hard to figure them out on your own.

  • They Can Help You Mount ATO Challenges

If you’ve been on the end of an unfavourable Australian Tax Office (ATO) decision then you’re well within your rights to challenge it and ask for the decision to be reviewed.

A commercial lawyer specialising in Australian tax law will be able to help you put your challenge together. Working alongside you and your team, they will help you come up with the best defence for your situation.

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Social Media Presence

There are two things that any successful online business must have in the modern world: a high quality website and a major social media presence. It is therefore extremely important to make sure that you dedicate at least a little time to things like social media marketing and improving your social media presence every single week, no matter how busy you are.

Customers and potential customers like to use businesses who they feel connected to. Engaging with your customers via social media will increase your chances of online business success, which means that it is essential that you put the time in to learn how to improve your social media presence and connect to more people.Our top 3 ways that you can improve your social media presence without having to work too hard include:

Create a clear social media strategy:
The single most important thing when it comes to building a strong social media presence is making sure that you have a clear, well-defined social media strategy. Without a strong strategy, you will basically be doing things in a haphazard way, failing to capitalise on your social media following, and missing out on potential clients as a result.

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Search Engine Rankings

Search engine ranking plays an important role, when it comes to earn profits with your website. There are several thousands of websites on the World Wide Web and to stand out from them, you need to have variety in search engine. If there is no good ranking for your website, there would be no one, who will know about your website. Browsers normally do visit more than 2 or 3 pages, unless they haven’t found the information, they are looking for. Search engine rankings help to increase traffic and also increase your earnings in return.

Here is what you can do to improve your search engine ranking.

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Link building

Link building is the ultimate goal with complete SEO. Your website needs to be judged as ‘popular’ – or worthwhile for a search engine to send their users to.

If a website is deemed to be popular, then a search engine feels confident that you could serve their user. Of course your website would need to tell the search engine that you have indeed got the products or services that the search engine user is looking for.

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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing seems to be fast replacing traditional ways of marketing. Today manufacturers and service providers are increasingly using it to enhance their sales. However not all of them achieve the success they aspire for. The reason is that they plunge into Internet marketing without a proper understanding of its key elements.

Every new product or service needs effective marketing to receive public attention and gain acceptance by consumers. Internet marketing helps you achieve this mainly via your website.

Therefore your business needs a well designed website, which is capable of attracting huge traffic. Of course, if you are not very confident about conducting your Internet marketing on your own you will have to hire a company that will do it for you. Many online businesses have a team of their own for the job of advertising and popularizing their website.

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Network Marketing

Network marketing provides wide opportunities selling at substantial profits. When you plan to use Internet marketing for your MLM business you have to ensure that you come across as a professional. Your website should describe your business and your professionalism perfectly.

Equally important is to ensure that your website is content rich, so that visitors find it quickly in their search engine listing. You get good traffic by ensuring that you use appropriate content and keywords that best describe your business.

A very important aspect of an Internet marketing business is seller’s reliability. Even before you sell or introduce your products, you have to come across as someone trustworthy and reliable. Once people start to place their trust in you, you will be able to put forth your product to them.

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Internet Marketing Strategies

As a new comer, we all stumble when it comes to Internet marketing. It may be confusing, as to which path to choose to advertise your business. There are several websites to compete with and you ought to be unique to grab attention in the number of sites, which are available. Internet marketing strategies are plans and actions that you employ to expand your business online. The growth of your business completely depend on the ways, you would want to adopt exposure on the World Wide Web.

Here are some short-term Internet marketing strategies that you should adopt for better progress and scope for profits.

Among the most popular marketing strategies is a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. In this method, you need to put up advertisement for your website on the result page of the search engine. To adopt this method, you need to register with the PPC and come up with the keywords to create ads for them. Google, Adwords and Overture are the best for PPC. You can either choose to create an ad on the search page or the content. Overture will help you place ad with MNS and Yahoo. Before you place an ad, you need to refer to the PPC keywords and come up with ads.

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Search Rankings

As I state constantly on this blog, page loading speed is a critical element in web design. The images you use on your company site are tools to re-enforce the sales presentation. Proper use of images can have a positive or negative impact on the overall usability of your site. Because of the file sizes involved in images, development must take into account the amount of time a page containing images will take to load in the prospect’s browser.